The Church of England in St Mary’s, Sixpenny Handley,
Gussage St Andrew and St Rumbold’s, Pentridge.

The church magazine is published bi-monthly as part of The Downsman parish magazine. Colour versions of The Seeker can be download here. To download, right-click a link below (control-click for Mac users in single button mode) and choose your required option.

The Seeker (December 2018) (PDF 1.4 Mb). Diary of a Country Parson

The Seeker (October 2018) (PDF 1.4 Mb). New man at the top of the hill

The Seeker (August 2018) (PDF 1.1 Mb). Water into Wine

The Seeker (June 2018) (PDF 1.7 Mb). My Father’s House!

The Seeker (April 2018) (PDF 1 Mb). St George and the Dragon!

The Seeker (February 2018) (PDF 1 Mb). Lent and the BIG Question

The Seeker (December 2017) (PDF 2 Mb). The Twelve Days of Christmas revealed

The Seeker (October 2017) (PDF 1.1 Mb). Do you know the secret of Jelly Babies?

The Seeker (August 2017) (PDF 0.8 Mb). Church anger - climate change (Bishop Nicholas)

The Seeker (June 2017) (PDF 1.0 Mb). Two Ways (Bishop of Ramsbury)

The Seeker (April 2017) (PDF 1.7 Mb). Easter

The Seeker (February 2017) (PDF 1.0 Mb). The Resurrection and Marriage (Luke 20 v27-38)

The Seeker (December 2016) (PDF 1.8 Mb). A Christmas Story

The Seeker (October 2016) (PDF 1.1 Mb). Harvest

The Seeker (August 2016) (PDF 1.1 Mb). Heart Castle

The Seeker (June 2016) (PDF 0.9 Mb). First Steps

The Seeker (April 2016) (PDF 0.9 Mb). Pentecost - The power of the Holy Spirit

The Seeker (February 2016) (PDF 1.2 Mb). The Surprise of Easter

The Seeker (December 2015) (PDF 2.2 Mb). Churches respond to refugee crisis

The Seeker (October 2015) (PDF 1.3 Mb). A Hundred Years

The Seeker (August 2015) (PDF 2 Mb). Manna from Heaven

The Seeker (June 2015) (PDF 2 Mb). The House of Opportunity

The Seeker (April 2015) (PDF 900 Kb). Bishop’s Letters

The Seeker (February 2015) (PDF 3.3 Mb). Truce and Dare

The Seeker (December 2014) (PDF 4.3 Mb). Supporting the Sudan

The Seeker (October 2014) (PDF 2.3 Mb). Blessed remembrance

The Seeker (August 2014) (PDF 4.8 Mb). The Bread and Butter of Life

The Seeker (June 2014) (PDF 3.1 Mb). Climb Every Mountain

The Seeker (April 2014) (PDF 2.3 Mb). Follow the Parade

The Seeker (February 2014) (PDF 3.1 Mb). Did you know?

The Seeker (December 2013) (PDF 4.8 Mb). To you who bring small children to church...

The Seeker (October 2013) (PDF 2.3 Mb). Remembrance

The Seeker (August 2013) (PDF 1.9 Mb). Prove It

The Seeker (June 2013) (PDF 2.4 Mb). The Hunger Games

The Seeker (April 2013) (PDF 2 Mb). Is there really no other way?

The Seeker (February 2013) (PDF 2 Mb). How good are you?

The Seeker (December 2012) (PDF 2.6 Mb). Kindness

The Seeker (October 2012) (PDF 3.7 Mb). Things that go bump in the night

The Seeker (August 2012) (PDF 4.0 Mb). It makes you think

— August 2012 wordsearch solution (PDF 2.4 Mb)

The Seeker (June 2012) (PDF 3.8 Mb). Jubilee Celebrations

The Seeker (April 2012) (PDF 3.5 Mb). Speaking out

The Seeker (February 2012) (PDF 2.1 Mb). Christ’s Bell

The Seeker (December 2011) (PDF 4.6 Mb). Famouse Christians

The Seeker (October 2011) (PDF 3.5 Mb). What S.H.A.P.E. are you in?

The Seeker (August 2011) (PDF 4.0 Mb). Come all who are weary (Matthew 11 v28)

The Seeker (June 2011) (PDF 3.3 Mb). Stormy Weather (Matthew 8 v23-27)

The Seeker (April 2011) (PDF 0.8 Mb). Easter

The Seeker (February 2011) (PDF 2.5 Mb). Celebrating 400 years - King James Bible

The Seeker (December 2010) (PDF 3.0 Mb).

The Seeker (October 2010) (PDF 2.0 Mb). Th Gsus Pryr (Luke 11:2-4 & Matthew 6:9-13)

The Seeker (August 2010) (PDF 1.8 Mb). I wanna live for ever (Luke 10 v25-37)

The Seeker (June 2010) (PDF 1.8 Mb). The Way Ahead

The Seeker (April 2010) (PDF 2.1 Mb). Easter traditions

— April 2010 wordsearch solution (PDF 0.3 Mb)

The Seeker (February 2010) (PDF 1.8 Mb). A look at Lent

The Seeker (December 2009) (PDF 1.1 Mb). Love in a Gift Box (Mark 14 v3-9)

The Seeker (October 2009) (PDF 1.9 Mb). The Bread of Life (John 6)

The Seeker (August 2009) (PDF 1.2 Mb). Jesus Calms the Storm (Mark 4 v37-41)

The Seeker (June 2009) (PDF 1.5 Mb). Church in the Community (Isaiah 54 v2)

— June 2009 wordsearch solution (PDF 0.2 Mb)

The Seeker (April 2009) (PDF 1.3 Mb). Turning the tables (John 2 v13-22)

The Seeker (February 2009) (PDF 1.0 Mb). Jesus Calling (John 1 from v43)

The Seeker (December 2008) (PDF 2.1 Mb). We’ve got talent (Matthew 25)

The Seeker (October 2008) (PDF 1.5 Mb). Kingdom People (Matthew 13 v31-44)

The Seeker (August 2008) (PDF 0.7 Mb). Find yourself in Church this Sunday

The Seeker (June 2008) (PDF 2.2 Mb). Vision statement 2008